Book your cruise parking with Andrew’s

Andrew’s Airport Parking are your top option to pre-book parking and return transfers for Station Pier cruises. From our facility in Tullamarine, we run several shuttles to Station Pier in the hours before a cruise and the same upon return. Your car is secure, your transport organised and if your both flying and cruising from Melbourne we’ve got that covered too. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your cruise car park?

It is the same location as our airport carpark, 247 Mickleham Road Westmeadows. It’s approximately 35 minutes from Station Pier, click the map link below to see exactly where that is.

So how do you transfer me to and from Station Pier?

We use our own fleet of shuttle buses, sometimes we may hire 25 and 40+ seat buses also. We’ll confirm to you by both email and text 48 hours before your cruise your transfer time to Station Pier, which will typically be between 2 and 5 hours before your cruise departs.Just arrive 15 minutes before that time, to check in and board the bus. And while you’re cruising, we work with the cruise lines and Victorian Ports to ensure a convenient collection time

What if my cruise is today or tomorrow? Can I still book?

You can. Our schedule of shuttle buses is already set, so you will be allocated seats on whichever buses we can fit your party on. You must pre-book to ensure you are allocated seats on a bus. It’s always better to book early, but we’ve got you covered.

Do you provide transport to all cruises that leave from and return to Station Pier?

Cruises, yes. Ferries, no. All cruises from the Golden Princess arriving October 27th 2019, we’ll be parking and transferring. We do not typically provide transfer services to Spirit of Tasmania, but you can call us on 03 9334 5777 to discuss this possibility.

I’m flying out and cruising back. Or maybe I’m cruising out and flying back. Can you handle my booking?

Yes. Just select FLY OUT & CRUISE BACK or CRUISE OUT & FLY BACK as it applies to you. Your booking form will adjust to ask the questions we need to know. Note that our cruise parking and transfer package is priced the same whether that return transfer is to and from Station Pier, or a combination of Station Pier and Melbourne Airport.

How do I ensure I get the best price?

Booking early. If you book during the days before your Departure Date, depending how busy we are you may need to pay a higher rate than those advertised on this page.

We’ll see you soon!